High Pure Silicon Powder

3N Silicon Powder

High Purity silicon Powder

silicon powder 99.9%

Silicon powder purity: 3N ,Si:≥99.9%, High purity silicon powder also called polysilicon powder
Silicon powder Application: Widely used in fire-resistant material Industry such as the casting material,spray coating material, energy save material, non-shaped fire-resistant material.

Silicon powder storage

silicon powder storage: Store in a cool, dry location away from heat, sparks and open flame. Do not store with oxidizing agents, halogens or acids.

Silicon Powder Specifications:

silicon powder formula
14 Si 28.086
silicon powder Purity
silicon powder Particle Size
plasma apray grade
Boiling Point
2355 °C
Protecting print head
Retail tag
2.329 G/Cm³
Electric Conductance
0.1 Microhm-1
Crystal Structure
Plasma Spray
Silicon powder 99.9%
silicon powder size range: 43um, 46um, 61um, 74um, 104um, 117um.

Silicon metal packing

Silicon powder and silicon metal powder can be delivered in bags or in bulk.

Silicon powder Sample Available & Policy

Let our technical expertise and experience handle all of your requirements. We manufacture silicon powder broad range of sizes from our factories, we have a team of engineers who lend their specialized skill sin technical design to meet your exacting specifications. Samples are available at a cost, and always handled and delivered as quickly as possible.

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